Tiina Sarapu



Glass in my works signifies the world between opaque and translucent, visible and invisible, material and immaterial, real and unreal. It is a world of shady shapes, exciting and elusive.

I studied glass art in Estonian Academy of Arts in 1990–1996. I have been working for the Department of Glass Art at the Estonian Academy of Arts as a teacher and technician, from 2003 to 2017 as an associate professor. I have taken part in several exhibitions, conferences, symposiums and workshops since 1994 both in Estonia and abroad. I have earned attention at several international contests of glass art. My works are owned by several institutions and collectors. I also received the honourable nomination for the title of “Recognized Glass Artist of Estonia 2004-2005”, “Recognized Glass Artist of Estonia 2018-2019” and the annual Kristjan Raud Prize on 2007 and on 2023. Today I work as a freelancer and share the studio with colleagues at Klaasiklubi (Glass Club) in Tallinn.


„Tiina Sarapu is a glass artist who uses glass as a material for sculpural and installative work, on a conceptual level as a step between visible and invisible worlds. The starting point for her work is often sheet glass, which by seemingly simple bending is transformed into sculptural object. Edges and surfaces, self-sufficient, yet depending of each other, create an intricate multi-layered reality. In Sarapu’s work spatial layers of glass are often metaphorically perceivable as layers of time.” (M. Lobjakas)


Tiina Sarapu – glass artist with a bold vision, her installations and sculptures place glass in the role of clearly organised space or emptiness, not merely reducing it to its material characteristics. (Cultural Endowment of Estonia)


Born November 16, 1971 in Pärnu County, Estonia



1995–1996 Estonian Academy of Arts, post-graduate (MA) studies

1990–1994 Tallinn Art University (now: Estonian Academy of Arts), speciality of Glass Art



2017–… freelancer

2021–2023 Artist laureate salary

2003–2017 Estonian Academy of Arts, associate professor of the Department of Glass Art

1998–2003 Glass studio “Ideeklaas”, founding member, artist

1996–2003 Estonian Academy of Arts, teacher at the Department of Glass Art


Selected solo (duo, trio) exhibitions:

2023 “Dust” (with J. Pociute, cur K. Paulus), Gallery Meno Parkas, Kaunas, Lithuania

2022 “Dust” (with J. Pociute, cur K. Paulus), Tartu Art House Large Gallery, Tartu, Estonia

2022 “Black Mirror” (with S-L. Eelma), Draakon Gallery, Tallinn

2021 “Room of Secrets”, Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design, Staircase gallery, Tallinn, Estonia

2019 “Attached” (with M. Sarapu), Pärnu City Gallery Artists House, Pärnu, Estonia

2019 “Case Study 2”, Tartu Art House Monumental Gallery, Tartu, Estonia

2017 “In Transparent Language” (with E. Käsper), Rakvere Theatre Gallery, Rakvere, Estonia

2017 “Case Study”, Hop Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia

2017 “These weeks I was away”, Robert’s Coffee, Tallinn, Estonia (part of Glass Art in Café. Time Difference)

2017 “Long Field”, Estonian Agricultural Museum, Ülenurme, Tartu County, Estonia

2012 “Improvisation”, House of Blackheads, St. Olaf’s Guild Hall, Tallinn, Estonia

2012 “Heaven on the Earth”, Studio Museum of A. Adamson, Paldiski, Estonia

2011 “Meetings in the Garden” (with M. Sarapu, K. Sein and R. Paju), Instituto Camoes, Lisboa, Portugal

2010 “Tallinn: Cores, Imagens, Sentimentos” (with M. Sarapu and K. Sein),

Casa d’Achada, Lisboa, Portugal

2010 “A Moment of Balance” (with M. Saare, E. Käsper), Tartu Art Museum, Tartu, Estonia

2009 “Flexible Layers”, Tam Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia

2007 “The Light and Silence in Sound”, Hop Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia

2007 Series of exhibitions “Berlin Glass Night”, Glasbrücke Berlin, Germany

2007 “Heaven on the Earth”, The Island of Manilaid, Estonia

2006 “Silent Voices” (with M. Saare), Tallinn Art Hall Gallery, Estonia

2005 “Magical Areas” (with M. Saare, A. Riemer, L. Boudens), ArtoNivo Gallery, Brygge, Belgium

2005 “Fragile Moment” (with E. Käsper), Tallinn, Estonia

2004 “EaTable Glass”, Museo Revoltella, Trieste; Ca Rezzonico, Venice, Italy

2003 “Jää, jää!” (with F. Jüssi, K. Sein, M. Sarapu), City Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia

1999 “Fall-Fly” (with M. Sarapu), Slagelse, Denmark

1998 “The Bridge” (with I. Luisk), Sammas Gallery, Tallinn

1996 “3 times 3 times”, Aatrium Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia

1995 “Unspeakable” (with K. Kullamaa, I. Luisk), Kastellaanimaja Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia


Selected group exhibitions:

2024 “Legendary Times”, Kondas Centre, Viljandi, Estonia

2023 “GENIUS LOCI IV: Life. 1628. 1928. 2023”, Reigi parsonage, Hiiumaa Island, Estonia

2023 Pop-up show by the Estonian Glass Artists’ Union for a group of glass collectors at Habatat Galleries, Naked Island, Tallinn, Estonia

2023 “Spring Exhibition 2023”, Lasnamäe Pavilion, Tallinn Art Hall, Estonia

2023 “Gravur on Tour”, LWL-Museum Glashütte Gernheim, Petershagen, Germany

2022 “Melting Borders”, Wroclaw Central Train Station, Session Room, Wroclaw, Poland

2022 “Coburg Prize for Contemporary Glass 2022”, European Museum of Modern Glass, Veste Coburg, Germany

2022 “Color – RED 2.0”, Kohtla-Järve Oil Shale Museum’s  White  Hall, Kohtla-Järve, Estonia

2022 “Not only about hedonism”, BAM – Bubbles, Art and Music Festival, Independent Dance Stage, Tallinn, Estonia

2022 “Glass Makers: The History of the Estonian Glass Industry”, History Museum, Tallinn, Estonia

2021 “European Glass Context 2021”, Bornholm Art Museum, Bornholm, Denmark

2020 “The New Reality”, “Estonia / Can you feel it?”, Virtual Design Destination by Adorno, London Design Festival, virtualdesigndestination.com

2020 “Colour – RED”, ARS Art Factory Project Space, Tallinn

2020 “Clear Space”, Vitrum Festival 2020, Kaunas District Museum, Kaunas, Lithuania

2020 “Back On Tour – Riihimäki to Coburg 2019–2020. Modern European glass engraving”, European Museum of Modern Glass, Rödental, Germany

2019 “Back on Tour – Riihimäki to Coburg 2019–2020. Modern European glass engraving”, Riihimäki, Finland

2019 “Resonants”, Vana-Võromaa Museum and Art Gallery, Võru, Estonia

2018 “Estonian glass design”, Okapi Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia

2018 “Tuli klaas”, Museum of Hiiumaa, Kärdla, Estonia

2017 “Cold-Hot”, Tallinn Creative Hub, Estonia

2017 “Umwelt/Omailm”, Adamson-Eric Museum, Tallinn, Estonia

2016 “2D →”, Museum of New Art, Pärnu, Estonia; Center of Contemporary Art, Rapla, Estonia

2016 “Civilization 2: The Trousers of Time”, Tallinn Seaplane Harbour aquarium, Estonia

2016 “Concord”, Haus Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia

2016 “Gravur on Tour”, Glass Museum, Kamenický Šenov, Czech Republic; National Library, Tallinn, Estonia; The Finnish Glass Museum, Riihimäki, Finland; Frauenau Glass Museum, Germany

2015 “Gravur on Tour”, Red House Glass Cone, Stourbridge, UK; Glazenhuis Museum, Lommel, Belgium; Galerie De Aventurijn, Epe, Netherlands; Glasmuseum, Rheinbach, Germany

2015 “Pod jedlickou”, ADP Gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia

2015 “Moment”, Järvakandi, Rapla County, Estonia

2014 “Born/Made”, Tartu Art House, Tartu, Estonia

2014 “Square 7”, Aukso Pjuvis Gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania

2014 “ZU GAST: ESTLAND”, Glassmuseum Alter Hof Herding, Coefeld, Germany

2014 “2D →” , Arka Gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania; V. Grybas Museum, Jurbarkas, Lithuania; Museum of New Art, Pärnu, Estonia; Rietumu Bank Gallery, Riga, Latvia

2014 “Vitrum Balticum VI. Optical Outlook”,  M. K.Ciurlionis National Museum of ArtAukso Pjuvis Gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania

2014 “Concord”, Haus Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia

2013 “17 views to Estonian Contemporary Applied Art”, Cheongju, Korea

2013 “Mare Balticum”, Gallery Ritterswürden, Zwiesel, Germany

2013 “From Sand…”, Reigi parsonage, Hiiumaa Island, Estonia

2013 “Milky Way”, Rakvere gallery, Rakvere, Estonia

2013 “Vase”, GaleriiPINK, Tallinn, Estonia

2013 “Concord”, Haus Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia

2012 “Estonian Platter”, GaleriiPINK, Tallinn, Estonia

2012 “Contemporary Estonian Glass Art”, Jelagin Island’s Glass Museum, St.
Petersburg, Russia

2012 “European Glass Art”, Bornholm Art Museum, Denmark

2012 “Grand Fragility”, Tallinn Art Hall, Estonia

2012 “Sincerely, Yours … “ The Museum of New Art in Pärnu, Estonia

2012 “Is plokstumos” (“2D →” ), Arka Gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania

2012 “Contemporary Estonian Glass Art”, Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design, Tallinn, Estonia

2012 “New Acquisitions 2011”, Glasmuseum Alter Hof Herding, Germany

2011 “Multisensory” L’Arredamento Gallery, Prato di Pordenone, Italy

2011 “Inside/Outside” Frauenau Glass Museum, Frauenau, Germany

2011 “Paar” Kullo Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia

2011 “Estonian” Glass”, Finnish Glass Museum, Riihimäki, Finland

2011 “Voice of Glass”, Art Academy of latvia, Riga, Latvia

2010–2011 “Estonian Glass”, Glashütte Gernheim, Petershagen, Germany

2010 “Night Light”, Kalamaja Park, Kadrioru Park, Tallinn, Estonia

2010 “Jukebox”, Nuutajarvi, Finland

2009 “National Heritage”, Pärnu Town Gallery and Rakvere Gallery, Estonia

2009 “Gläserne Zeichen in der Landschaft”, Frauenau Glass Museum, Germany

2009 “Glasstouch”, Palazzo Agostinelli, Vicenza, Italy

2008 “European Glass Context 2008. Industrial Design”, Groenebechs Gord, Bornholm, Denmark

2008 “Open”, Paide Town Hall, Paide, Estonia

2008 “3+3”, Gallery Im Heppächer, Esslingen, Germany

2008 “Vabaduse Square”, Tallinn Art Hall, Estonia

2007 “Glass Garden III”, Gallery XX, Panevezys, Lithuania

2007 “Round”, Albu Manor House, Järva County, Estonia

2007 “State of Affairs”, Tallinn Art Hall, Estonia

2007 “Estonian Glass 70: the best of 10 years”, Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design, Tallinn, Estonia

2006 “Glass Voice” Museum of Decorative Arts and Design, Riga, Latvia

2006 “Glass Garden II”, Panevezys, Lithuania

2006 “Beautiful”, Tallinn Art Hall Gallery, Estonia

2006 “Experimental Spirit in Glass Sculpture”, Menzendorff`s House, Riga, Latvia

2006 “Vitrum Balticum III”, Ceramics Museum, Kaunas, Lithuania

2005 “Broken Things”, Jaani Seek, Tallinn; Towngallery, Viljandi, Estonia

2004 “Focus”, Hobusepea Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia

2003 “Notes. 3 Dimentional Estonian Art”, MüveszetMalom, Szentendre, Hungary

2003 “Vaagen”, Hobusepea Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia

2002 “Estonian Product Design 2002”, Design Forum Finland, Helsinki, Finland

2002 “Design. Glass. EKA. Lorup”, Design Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia

2002 “Emerging Artist from Europe, Young and Hot”, Society Baby, Amsterdam, Netherland

2001 “From Lorup to Lorup”, Town Hall Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia

2001 “Glass with Care”, EAA Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia

2001 Estonian Art and Craft, Gallery Tersaeus and Gallery Dansens Hus, Stockholm, Sweden

2000–2002 “Nordic Glass 2000”, Finland, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania

1999 “Engraved glass. XX/XXI”, Adamson-Eric Museum, Tallinn, Estonia

1997 “The Young Applied Art Tips”, Estonian National Museum, Tartu, Estonia

1997 “Estonian Glass 60”, Tallinn Art Hall, Estonia



2023 curation and design of the exhibition “In the Light of Glass. Selection of works by Maie-Ann Raun at the permanent display”, Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design, Tallinn, Estonia

2014 light installations in performance “Phases – ReMake”. Fine 5 Dance Theatre. Vaba Lava Open Space, Tallinn, Estonia; IFMC Vitebsk, Belarus

2011 work dedicated to Fanny de Sivers for the permanent exhibition “The Face of History” of the Estonian History Museum, Tallinn, Estonia

2010–2011 Estonian–Norwegian collaboration project “World of Glass” (making glass instruments for musicians)

2010–2011 creating art project for schoolbook “Ready! Steady! ART!” (“Loovalt tulevikku”, “Kaasav ja kaasaegna kunstiõpe”)

2008–2009 light installations in performance “Phases”. Fine 5 Dance Theatre. KUMU Art Muesum, Tallinn; Traditional Music Center, Viljandi; The Harbour Theatre, Tartu; Endla Theatre Küün, Pärnu; Rakvere Theatre; Estonia



2018 Artist in residence (project „GlassEST”) at The Glass Factory, Boda Glasbruk, Sweden

2017 “Glass in Art and in Architecture. Hot-Cold”, Tallinn Creative Hub, Estonia

2013 “Eedi & Eabha in conversation…”, seminar of applied art, GaleriiPINK and EAA

2012 „European Glass Context 2012”, Bornholm, Denmark

2011 „The Next 100 Years. Future of Glass Art and Design”, Aalto University, finland

2009 International glass conference “Scratching the Surface – Matters of Perception”, Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2008 International conference “European Glass Context 2008”, Bornholm, Denmark

2007 International conference on glass education “Meeting Point II. VITRA”, Nancy and Vannes-le-Chatel, France

2007 International symposium and workshop of glass blowing “Glass Garden III”, Panevezys, Lithuania

2006 International symposium and workshop of glass blowing “Glass Garden II”, Panevezys, Lithuania

2006 White Glass Days’ workshop, Evald Okas Museum, Haapsalu, Estonia

2006 Days of Beads, Kunilepa, Rapla County, Estonia

2006 International conference on glass education “Meeting Point I – Tallinn”, KUMU Art Museum, Tallinn, Estonia

2006 International workshop “Experimental Spirit in Glass Sculpture”, Grizinkalns Glass Factory, Riga, Latvia

2002 Glass Art Society Annual Conference: 32, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2000 “Nordic Glass 2000”, Holmegaard glass factory, Denmark

1998 1st International Womens’ Glass Workshop, Nuutajärvi, Finland



2023 The Kristjan Raud Prize

2021–2023 Artist laureate salary

2020 Appreciated Glass Artist 2018–2019, prize of EGAU

2019 Annual Award of the Cultural Endowment of Estonia

2019 The competition of stained glass windows for the St. John’s Church (Jaani Kirik) in Tallinn, II prize

2009, 2010 International glass contest “Glass Gardens in Frauenau” (with E. Käsper), Germany – selected work “Imaginary Space”, realized 2010

2009 New Glass Review 30, the annual competition of Corning Museum of Glass – selected work

2007 Jutta Cuny-Franz Memorial Award – selected work

2007 The Kristjan Raud Prize

2006 Appreciated Glass Artist 2004–2005, prize of EGAU

2004 6th International Design Contest Trieste Contemporanea, Italy, Grand Prix

2000 Design prize of glass factory Scancrystal

1997 Jutta Cuny-Franz Memorial Award, Düsseldorf, Germany, Honourable Diploma

1997 International fair competition “Woman ‘97”, III prize


Works in collections:

Ernsting Stiftung Glassmuseum, Alter Hof Herding, Germany

Glasmuseum Frauenau, Germany

Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design, Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn City Museum, Tallinn, Estonia

Estonian History Museum, Tallinn, Estonia

Trieste Contemporanea, Trieste, Italy

Mentzendorffs House. City-dwellers’ House-Museum, Riga, Latvia

Rakvere Gallery, Rakvere, Estonia

Private collections in Austria, Japan, Germany, Denmark, Latvia, Finland, Russia, USA, Norway, Russia, Great Britain, Estonia etc.