Case Study 2

Case Study 2

An immense amount of crates travels all over the world each day. Things are packed and unpacked, into larger and smaller units. A logistical machine that drains the Earth. Relocation. Systematisation. Organizing. Doubt. What and where?

I have been interested in the feelings that crates with different sizes and shapes arouse in us: removal crate, casket, trunk, ballot box, display cabinet, shoe box, jewellery casket, etc. Enticing? Dangerous? Exciting? They can either hide something horrible or something wonderful.

The more finitely and securely the crates are closed, the more forcefully does the encased want to emerge. A system appealing to transparency might not be translucent. Something important will forever be hidden in reflections or obscure corners. We see deformations, desires and self-reflections.

The most compelling segment of these case studies is associated with space, light and glass; with the intersection of ethics and aesthetics.


The exhibition took place at the monumental gallery of the Tartu Art House, Tartu, Estonia, 11.04.–05.05.2019.

Photos: Marje Eelma (1–10), Tiina Sarapu (11–13)

Graphic design: Meelis Mikker

installation, exhibition