free-blowing, filigree glass
height 32 cm
master glassblower: Andrea Zilio, Anfora glass fabrique, Murano
layout and 3D simulation: I. Valdur, E. Piir
photo: Johannes Säre


„Roundelay“ is a 5-piece set of multifunctional glassware.

These simple-form items were inspired by Estonian ethnography (striped pattern of the national costumes) and Venetian glass making traditions (filigree technique).

„Roundelay“ won the First Prize on the 6th International Design Contest Trieste Contemporanea 2004.

The jury appreciated the union of modern forms and Muranese glass traditions, pleasant stripe combinations and the multifunctionality of the items (bowl, vase, cooling bucket).

Prototypes made by the Muranese glassblowers under the guidance of the author have been exhibited on the exhibition „EaTable Glass“ in Venice and Trieste, Italy.


Take a look at the pictures about making the glass works at Anfora glass fabric on Murano.