The exhibition “Dust” by Tiina Sarapu and Lithuanian artist Julia Pociūtė took place at the Tartu Art House Large Gallery, Estonia, 02.09–02.10.2022.
Curator Karin Paulus.


Dust – the symbol of forgetting – opens hidden dimensions of the banality of everyday, moments and places considered insignificant. Dust accompanies glass artists while working, being a remnant of their work, but also hiding the transparency of the glass.

Julia Pociūtė shows the contradiction of dust: it is a microcosmos, a very small remnant of the past that records the history of vanished nature or culture. She creates enchanting capsules where she stores stories and objects. Or are they time travellers? In her installations the artist unites different materials to emphasize the relation between most important existential questions: being and nothingness; platonic research of truth and illusion.

Tiina Sarapu constructs mirrors that cover structures which are reminiscent of the historical forms of archaic wooden haystack holders: a feature which has rapidly disappeared from the Estonian traditional landscapes in recent decades. Now they are more reminiscent of the solar panels that have replaced them in the fields. Her “Workstations” with cut glass resemble screens covered in traces and fingerprints which we always leave, whether we want it or not.

Hence the artists are creating something memorable from the oblivion. A new war in Europe with it ruins and destruction gives this topic a sensitive meaning.


The exhibition was also dedicated to the International Year of Glass.

Graphic design: Meelis Mikker


See also media report and a video about the exhibition at Tartu Art House website.

Photos: Marje Eelma (1–4, 11, 13, 16–18), Jürgen Vainola (5, 6), Julia Pociūtė (7–10, 12, 14, 15)

installation, glass art, exhibition